Benefits of Keeping Data Centre clean

Just like a home or an office, a data centre must be cleaned.  Cleaning is not just to make it visually appealing, but to keep a data center running properly and efficiently.  Data center cleaning may not sound like a high priority on the list of important things to consider with a data centre.  Most people probably think about things like rack density, preventing downtime, and heating and cooling issues.  But cleaning a data centre properly and routinely is incredibly important.  When a site has visible dirt, it is a major concern because it could mean there is problematic dust that is leading to the corrosion of important components which means damage to critical equipment.  This is not only frustrating but expensive on many levels.

As we all know, downtime can be incredibly costly, even if it only lasts a matter of seconds so regular cleaning is very important to prevent this from happening.  In addition to having a yearly deep cleaning and regular maintenance cleaning, insist that those entering the data center wear clean clothes or cover ups so that you can best protect your data center

  • A clean data center will help to increase employee moral and health.
  • A clean facility will eliminate the possibility of unwanted pests.
  •  A clean data center optimizes equipment performance and the investment of a regular scheduled data center cleaning service equates to a fraction of the overall investment of running your operations center.
  •  It helps to minimize maintenance and filter replacement on computer room air conditioning units.
  • ALL components within the operations center are at risk when a data center is not kept clean.
  • Cleaning below your raised floor will help keep unwanted dirt and dust from mixing into the data center air. Not to mention remind you that it is time to organize your cables.
  • Media errors can exceed $50,000 per Megabyte. Dust is a prime candidate in causing media errors.

What major vendors are saying

HP notes that for over 50 years the electronics industry has been aware of the relatively rare but possible threat posed by metallic particulate contamination. During recent years, a growing concern has developed in computer rooms where these conductive contaminates are formed on the bottom of some raised floor tiles. HP strongly recommends, in their site prep manual, that “your site be evaluated for metallic particulate contamination before installation of electronic equipment since metallic contamination can cause permanent or intermittent failures on your electronic equipment.

Sun Microsystems/Oracle recommends in their site prep guide, the following cleaning schedule: “Bi-annually decontaminate the subfloor void and air conditioners; quarterly decontaminate the hardware and room surface; weekly vacuum and damp -mop the access floor”