Protecting your Technology Assets

Our Mission

AMCS offers its clients the best possible service through personal relationships and by delivering a high quality and professional service. We recognize that companies today are operating under tight budgets and that the bottom line matters. At AMCS, we offer our extraordinary service at a reasonable price.  AMCS provides its clients with comprehensive cleaning, decontamination, and technical service solutions that exceed the health, safety and environmental requirements for your business

At AMCS we constantly strive to deliver over and above our customers' expectations and references are available upon request for each and every service we provide.

With this last statement in mind, think about the AMCS offer of extraordinary service at a reasonable price and then give us a call to see how we can help you and your facility.

Our Experience

Since 2007, AMCS has cleaned and provided facility solutions, technical services and decontamination service to thousands of square feet of controlled environment space throughout Canada. AMCS tailors its solutions with proven best practices in facility services and cleaning controlled environments. AMCS develops the right cleaning strategy and brings together the right resources and processes to ensure the integrity of your sensitive environments