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Welcome to AMCS

Advanced Mission Critical Services Inc.(AMCS) specializes in precision cleaning techniques that protects sensitive technological environments. Such as Data centers, Server rooms, ISPs, Network Control Rooms, UPS Rooms, Computer Rooms, Raised Floor Areas, Subfloors or any other critical Technology Facility.

Environmental contamination in the data center accounts for much of the failure of sensitive electronic equipment as well as costly downtime.

The specialized cleaning provided by AMCS minimizes the threat that airborne contaminants such as dust and dirt accumulations pose to "uptime" for critical IT operations.

How would your Company function if you had a major computer system failure due to contamination caused through a dirty environment or equipment?

What reaction would you receive from your customers and shareholders?

If you consider the potential risk of expensive downtime and the resulting business implications to your company, then now is the time to contact us.

We are specialists in:

  • Data center cleaning
  • Server Room Cleaning
  • Computer room cleaning
  • Disaster cleanup
  • Zinc Whisker remediation and Containment
  • Post construction cleaning
  • Cable mining
  • Environmental analysis
  • Air plenum cleaning
  • Sub-floor sealing
  • Access Floor Replacements
  • Air Scrubber Rentals

If your undergoing a Server room or Data Centre renovation or having a renovation done in close proximity to your critical environment you need to contact us!

Addressing the needs of the Modern Datacenter

Don't be fooled by janitorial companies offering these type of services. They don't have the specialized experience needed in these types of high tech and high liability environments